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The Story

Dia and Greg's story started back in September 2017, when they both happened to swipe right on Bumble. After a week of trying their hardest to impress each other with witty texts, they decided to go out for brunch.

They met at Archie's All Day in Collingwood. Dia was in activewear, having just finished a boxing session; Greg wore a leather jacket and was heading to The Tote to shoot a gig that afternoon. The two hit it off straight away, with Dia later admitting that it was 'love at first hug'. Greg didn't want the date to end, so they went for a walk after brunch. Despite Dia talking about crystals and horoscopes, they went on to The Workers Club for a couple of drinks (yes, full activewear in a Fitzroy pub).

A few weeks later Greg, survived the first meeting with Dia's parents, Puloma and Dilip, in the formal lounge. To their delight, he had the perfect combination of an English accent and an engineering degree. Greg introduced Dia to his parents on FaceTime and they definitely approved, despite the Australian/Mancunian language barrier.

In March 2018, after careful planning (and an elaborate string of lies), Greg managed to get Dia to attend a surprise picnic in Fitzroy Gardens. The sun was shining, the wind was blowing and Greg got down on one knee with tears in his eyes. He took a deep breath as he asked Dia if she would become his wife. After more tears and a pause that seemed to take forever, she said yes.

Dia and Greg’s philosophy is, 'when life gives you lemons, throw in some gin and tonic'. So when they realised that their original plan for a wedding in Australia didn’t quite work, they went for a slightly less conventional approach to make sure both families could attend. Fast forward five days of frantic planning and Greg’s sister, Jennifer, landed on a beautiful Georgian hotel in Edinburgh that they fell in love with (turns out Scotland has much better marriage laws).

Check out how the adventure unfolded...

The Photographs

The Videos

If you have any clips from the Melbourne Edition then please send them through to either of us or upload here. Greg has one more job left...

The Edinburgh Ceremony video by Greg, with assistant videographers Dia and Jen. 

Music - L'imaginaire by Gang of Youths

The Kolkatian Edition Videography by Saptavision. Highlights edited by Greg (from 1hr15min down to 15min, which was mostly just removing footage where he looked confused).

The Kolkatian Edition Home Video by Greg, with assistant videographers Dwayne Deprez and Jane La Nauze.

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