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I Have No Idea What I'm Doing

Published 25 January 2019

So here it is, I'm starting a blog. Massive disclaimer - I'm not a writer, so go easy on me. Please. I wanted to start writing to give a more personal touch to my website. I have an About page but other than that it's just photos. Where better to start than my new love of analogue photography. I have scrolled through many blogs that were a little too detailed for a total newcomer to film like me, so here I want to create a space for those starting out. Hopefully my experiences so far  can help.

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It's All There in Black and White

Published 8 February 2019

After shooting three test rolls of Kodak Gold with my Asahi Pentax K1000 it was time to experiment with a few different types of 35mm film. Might as well get started on the seemingly endless options out there. Thought I’d narrow it down a touch and go with black and white film.

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